The People

Since our founding in 1982, by Paul Stewart Jr., Stewart Construction Company has been a family owned and operated business with a dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and a superior customer service.

In 2001, with fifteen years of experience at Stewart Construction, Paul’s son-in-law Kevin Chamberlin and daughter Gail Chamberlin took ownership of the company.  A reputation for producing a quality product with local expertise continues to be the key factors in the companies success.

Kevin was born and raised in North Idaho.  Gail, along with her family, moved to Coeur d’Alene in 1979.  Kevin and Gail met and married shortly thereafter.  They both have been in the construction industry for the majority of their married life.  Kevin and Gail work along side their clients, Kevin as the Project Supervisor and Gail as the Project Manager on every project.  Direct involvement with their client’s decisions gives them an edge over their competition.  Building a home can be overwhelming and the expertise provided by Stewart Construction’s team of professionals can help ease some of that stress.

With the ever changing field of construction and the energy issues facing our country Kevin made the decision to continue his education, taking Sustainable Building classes along with classes in better techniques for general construction.



Ryan Arnold

Sustainable Building Consultant

Ryan Arnold has been a continued asset to Stewart Construction as clients and the industry as a whole has increased interest in sustainable building practices. As one of the few LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals and Certified Sustainable Building Advisors in the Inland Northwest, Ryan’s exclusive involvement with Stewart Construction is an asset to any client interested in building a healthy, efficient, low-impact home.


B.S. Management and Human Resources, University of Idaho

M.B.A in Sustainable Business, Bainbridge Graduate Institute

LEED Accredited Professional

Certified Sustainable Building Advisor

Certified Idaho Energy Auditor

Named Ecover’s Under 30 National Environmental Leader (2010)